Getting It Out of the Room

I once had a guitar teacher who said, “practice all you want but eventually you’ll have to get it out of the room.” He was right. There comes a time when if you want to perform in front of people, you have to “leave the room” and get up on stage. It’s the same thing for actors.


I’d been working on this Jon Sincler; Hired Man one act play for awhile, researching, writing, editing. But nothing helps you get the blue pencil out faster than knowing you’ll be going in front of an audience.  Do you have trouble editing or deleting parts of your work? Knowing you’ll be doing it live in front of a room of people gives you as the creator, great objectivity.


I worked on this piece about Shakespeare and Jon Sincler for quite sometime but it was the folks connected to the Gallery on Third  in Carnegie who opened the door for me. I realized having been there before that the room had the right vibe and the perfect feel for a reading of this one act play of mine. Phil, Michael and Rob helped make that big step possible and of course everyone who attended the reading this past Friday night. Thanks everyone-there’s lots more to come.

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