Runner Or Actor: 1@x

Something very dramatic has been accomplished. A year and a half ago I was told that I would have to give up marathons and running altogether. With a little medical help, a lot of help from my chiropractor and my own daily rehab, I was able to not only get back to running but able to train and complete my 20th marathon just yesterday here in Los Angeles.



My training method was something I created and called it 1@x. That means One At a Time. I started like I began my running 35 years ago, with a quarter mile and a half a mile a few miles, five, ten and so on till I was ready for 26. But it all started with that first step.


Now before you think this only applies to runners think again. Especially if you are an actor. We actors are faced with a lot of “no’s”. That’s the business. that’s how it goes. But if we are going to find our way we have to take it one step at a time 1@x to get where we are going. Time doesn’t figure into it. The wrong step doesn’t figure into it. 1@x… until you get it right, whatever that is.

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So get your running shoes or your monologues out and get out there and hit it. And remember 1@x.

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