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Dave Diamond

If you weren’t in Los Angeles in the late 60’s or early 70’s you may not know who Dave Diamond was. He was a top rock DJ in Top 40 music on the legendary KHJ and on to other stations in LA like KBLA(really was a station)KFI and KiiS where I met him as we worked together as part of the air staff. I was a young kid at 22. Came to LA from Cleveland and before that Detroit. Dave was probably about 34 and he took me under his wing and taught me what it was like to be cool in LA in 1972!

Hey, he helped discover The Doors! Yeah, that’s right and he was as cool as anything Jim Morrison ever wrote. I think he worked 6-9 AM and I worked 9 to noon and after that we’d hang out for the rest of the day. He lived in an apartment on St, Andrews Place, a terrible neighborhood by most accounts but I thought it was as cool as any urban neighborhood in an amazing city like LA and there was no city more amazing than Los Angeles. We’d have breakfast lunch at Tiny Naylor’s, walk down Melrose to some bookstores, head back to his apartment light up some weed and sit back and the stories. Dave kept to himself but I liked him and I was interested and fascinated by his stories of the Doors and Linda Ronstadt and the Whiskey and radio stories about Bill Drake who was the Top 40 guru of the time. Dave and I were radio artists but it was the counter culture that really kept us going. We were always looking for different ways to say things on the radio. Dave used to feature short poems and poetic rants that he would chant over intros to Donovan and Helen Reddy.  We’d write stuff and compare notes. He had some books published and he was working on a play that he finally had produced in 1980 called The Deals Are Going Down. He had the life I wanted and essentially I’ve found my way in life that’s a credit to his light.

There is a certain time in life that you start to look back. Look back on friends and people that had an influence and encouraged you. So it was a shock when I read that he’d died on May 5th of 2014. Dave dead. I remembered a short essay he wrote in his book Street Scenes called Last Day in a Writers Life. I just read it over again after finding it in my bookshelves. Bookshelves that look like the ones he had in that old apartment on St. Andrews street. I spoke to him last sometime after he had moved to Cincinnati where it was winter and freezing cold and we laughed so hard over the phone about his hate for the cold. He said, “I sit in a hot tub with a wet towel with my hands cupped around a pipe suckin’ on a  short snifter of Bourbon and still the shivers Stone man.” It’s cold here

I Love LA!

It’s an old song. A city’s a city. Get over it.

All those comments could and probably did follow that headline but I’m sorry I simply love Los Angeles, California. We all have cities, places, towns that strike a chord with us and for me it has always been LA. Obviously as an actor I am in love with the movie magic Hollywood holds over the city that’s always referred to as “this town”.


“I gotta’ get outta “this town”! “This town” is killing me! You’ll never work in “this town”.

But it’s not just the movies. It’s the permanent impermanence of the City of Angels. The only thing that seems to be constant is the sun. Blue skies, sun and temperatures that please your body’s skin. We lived in LA for about fifteen years back in the early 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s, Laurel Canyon, the Marina, Brentwood, Hollywood and the Valley.  Really after a while, the sun and azure blue skies got to be a little boring. Once doing a play at an Equity waiver theatre on Melrose, we had a rare thunderstorm. The whole cast went out in the alley during intermission just to hear that strange rumbling sound in the sky–that many in the cast had never heard before!!


Yes, there are the freeways which are moving parking lots most of the time but LA is also the ocean.You’re never far from it even if you are stuck on the 405.


Los Angeles can surprise me, entertain me and disappoint me. It has done all on several occasions. But whether I’m sitting in traffic, reading a script,diving near Catalina or just watching the waves and the ocean, LA always comes up with something new and it’s usually displayed in bright, warm sunshine.