It’s Real

The death of Robin Williams has shown a visible light on what the world calls Hollywood.  On KDKA AM the other day I discussed how the movie capital of the world has done such a great job with its “Set” that few see behind the scenes. That’s success in in this town But with Robin Williams death and his battle with depression and now as revealed Parkinson’s we see that Hollywoodland is a town, totally created by people who know how to make lasting and emotional images. Yet when they go home, they are people. Parents and family members and folks like anyone else who deal with medical, money and any other myriad of problems. Robert Wagner told me recently that Hollywood has changed and maybe not for the best but I disagree. In the old days press agents could hide all the nasty truths. Today, no more. its all out there. But it gives the world a chance to understand that those who make the images in this town are all too  human and fallible. And that makes some of our entertainment greats even larger than life in my eyes.

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