The Page Turner

We all look for scripts that are page turners so why not in the episodes of our lives. I am moving on to the next chapter, the next scene so to speak. I’m  leaving my daily radio show on Y108(CBS Pittsburgh in case you didn’t know)to work full time as an actor. That’s pictures, resumes, auditions, meetings, scene work, the business of being an actor. All that work often ends up on the screen or the stage but it’s the work that gets you there.Although on the radio I’ve always been known as Stoney Richards I now concentrate on Charles David Richards, my real name.  Why the difference in names? When I was working both in radio as a dj and as an actor in Los Angeles I went  to an audition and the director said he recognized my face. “Why was that he asked.” I told him I was on the air at KLAC in Los Angeles and he said, “Yes, of course” but then his demeanor changed. “Hey, I’m Sorry”, he said, “but we’re not looking for any dee jays.”Right then and there I always went to auditions as Charles David Richards. Oddly enough though, I was working on the set of Out of the Furnace recently and talking with director Scott Cooper who said, “I hear you’re on the air on the radio?””Yes’, I said, “but ..”He cut me off. “That’s cool, “he said.Aw what the hec, eh? Media is media, right!

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