Doing The Work

If you check in daily you will find almost daily posts on this page from me. Yesterday after 19 years on the air at one radio station WDSY(CBS) I decided to move in the direction my heart has been telling me to go for some time, and instead of sharing my time between radio and my work as an actor I made acting my #1 profession.

I did that yesterday and with that received much love from my daily radio audience and all my friends and colleagues in country music. It was a wonderful day and a happy decision.

So often it’s been said that being an actor is all about looking for work. I think I can abridge that somewhat by saying, being an actor is all about DOING the work you know you’re meant to do.  Looking for work means you may become proficient at simply “looking” for work. DOING the work can mean that you are involved in doing the work that is your craft.

Yes you need to cultivate all the tools, the contacts, auditions, scene work, monologues, pictures, resumes and such but that is the work we do. Not just hoping someone says “yes”. Those “yesses” come. Enjoy the work you’re doing in the meantime.

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