An Actor At the Ready

Charles David Richards

As actors we never know when the next opportunity will happen. We’re ready with a headshot, resume, agents, contacts but what about a monologue?
You never know when that phone will ring and an agent, a casting director or a theatre company asks to “see” you at a moments notice.

So why not find some monologues that fit you, that you love(not just kinda like) and that show you the way you want to be seen.
I have three always at the ready. A Shakespeare, a Classical and a contemporary and I can do them at the drop of a hat.

Choose your pieces wisely, and work them while you run, while you’re driving or when you’re sitting in an office waiting to be “next.”
This way when you get that call asking that “we see you say, later this afternoon?” you don’t have to panic. Just grab your headshot and resume and know that your monologues are ready to get you you’re next job.

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