Is It Stoney Or Charles?

People ask me that all the time. Of course you’re on but the first thing you see is I’m Charles David Richards. Whaaa!!

Well yes, and it’s all true.

Stoney Richards is my radio created character that I’ve played for about 40 some years on the air from Cleveland to Washington DC to Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. Funny thing though, as I’ve been working as an actor at the same time, especially in Los Angeles and since at one TV series audition, I used my airname of Stoney Richards. The gang behind the table knew of me from radio and one of the producers said, “Wow, we don’t have any parts for DJs!”

That was all I needed to hear, so, since then all my work as an actor has been under the name of Charles David Richards, my real name and as Shakespeare said, “Thereby hangs the tail.”

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