Country Music: Three Chords and the Truth!

I love country music. There’s nothing too fancy about it. But the words of the songs are the truth. Guys like Joe Diffie, Johnny Cash and Jamey Johnson inspire me.

Joe Diffie and the SRB

My guys, the Stoney River Boys have been together for five years now and every time we play it’s a pure joy to be on that stage. This Saturday the 4th of July, Congressman Tim Murphy, a good picker hissef’ sits in with us for the third time.

Congressman Tim Murphy

We’ve opened for Vince Gill and Kenny Chesney, Jamey Johnson and Joe Diffie. Saturday, we share the stage with Frank Viera, Sarah Marince and my friend Austin Webb. I hope you all come out for a real good time and great country music this Saturday right after my show on KDKA. Ya’ll come.

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