“Quiet Your Actors Ego!”

How many times as an actor have you wondered about a class, a refresher, a workshop and been stopped by hearing that little voice in your mind telling you that “you don’t need this”,  Probably you’re ego, that little voice essentially telling you you’re better than all those schlubs sitting in those little wooden seats.

In the words of any number of cast members in the movie Goodfellas, “fugedabotit!”

Don’t listen to that voice. Go ahead and sign up.  Especially if you have experience in the subject you’re about to work on. As a matter of fact, all the better. Because of your experience, you will likely learn newer things at perhaps a higher level than others in the class. We all learn based on our own experience.


I have seen so many of us, myself included say, “I don’t need to do that” when in fact if you think it you probably need to do it. Freud published “Das Ich und das Id” a long time ago but what he explains about our Ego and our Id makes a lot of sense. Don’t substitute ego and bravado for real seat of your pants learning. As an actor, it’s an invaluable lesson

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